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Pink and Orange Coloured Daisies with Pink and Green Pods Wire Sculpture




Jackie Denham of Ruby and Jack Design

Ruby and Jack Design create hand made wire sculpture and jewellery from anodised aluminium and sterling silver. The pieces take the form of graphic prints of flowers, seedpods, and geometric shapes which resemble meadow grasses, flowers, birds, and fish.


Her walks in the British countryside, influence her designs, and she’s constantly in awe of nature's visual treasures.

Ruby and Jack Design take part in a multitude of exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing their striking art form to the world.

About us


Featured Designers


  • 'Aurora'
    18th January 2024 - 11th May 2024
    Chalks Gallery, Lymington
    18th January 2024 - 11th May 2024
    Chalks Gallery, Lymington, 29 St Thomas St, Lymington SO41 9NE, UK
  • 'Line, Shape and Form'
    'Line, Shape and Form'
    28th March to 24th June
    Chalk's Gallery
    28th March to 24th June
    Chalk's Gallery, 29 St Thomas St, Lymington SO41 9NE, UK
  • Hampshire Open Studios 2023
    Hampshire Open Studios 2023
    19th to 28th August
    Proteus Creation Space
    19th to 28th August
    Proteus Creation Space, Council Rd, Basingstoke RG21 3DH, UK



  • What are the sculptures and jewellery made out of?
    The sculptures are made from anodised aluminium, copper wire and wood, and the jewellery is sterling silver and anodised aluminium.
  • What is anodised aluminium and why use it?
    Aluminium can be anodised by an electrochemical process that creates an anodic film on the surface of the metal allowing it to readily absorb inks and dyes. Once anodised the metal can be printed or dipped into special dyes and then steamed so the colour is set and ready for use. I find it is a great material to use for jewellery as its lightweight and has an exceptionally durable finish. It is an easy-to-care-for material, as it’s corrosive resistant and will not turn your skin green like other metals. You can keep it looking fresh and new by just wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • Are you on social media?
    Yes. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.
  • My question is not answered!
    If you have a question my FAQ or site did not answer, feel free to contact me using the contact button in the menu, on the left, or by scrolling to the bottom of the website.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes, I can create custom-made pieces. To find out more feel free to contact me using the contact button in the menu, on the left, or by scrolling to the bottom of the website.
  • Do you sell at physical outlets?
    Yes. Here is a list of the current locations in that my artwork is showcased: Fisherton Mill, 108 Fisherton Street, Salisbury, SP2 7QY. Farnham Maltings, Bridge Square, Farnham, GU9 7QR. All Our Own Crafts, Festival Place, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 7BA. Bird Gardens Scotland CIC, Oxon, lauder, Scottish Borders, TD2 6RA.
  • Where are you exhibiting?
    I exhibit at a number of venues each year, all of which you can find included in the 'Events' section of the website. You can navigate to this by clicking on the 'Events' button in the menu.
  • Do you run workshops?
    I do run anodised aluminium taster days in my workshop space. To find out more keep an eye on the event section here on the website, or on my social media pages.
  • What is sterling silver and how can I prevent tarnishing?
    Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. It is these other metals that can cause your jewellery to tarnish when exposed to oxygen and chemicals. Here’s how to keep your sterling silver looking clean and shiny and help prevent tarnishing: Wear your jewellery often. The natural oils in your skin will help keep your jewellery shiny. Remove it when applying perfumes, moisturizers etc. as these include chemicals that can accelerate tarnishing. Avoid contact with household chemicals or any substance which contains sulphur. Direct sunlight can cause tarnishing so remove your jewellery before you go swimming or sunbathing. Exposure to air will tarnish your jewellery so ensure it is kept in an airtight plastic bag or jewellery box.
  • What can I do if my sterling silver tarnishes?
    A silver polishing cloth or silver dip will help remove any tarnish that may occur and give it a nice shiny finish again.


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